Cotton Bacon Prime by Wick N Vape

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Cotton Bacon Prime by Wick N Vape

DIY vapers can’t experience full vaping pleasure without the right cotton. When it comes to selecting the right cotton for your vaping needs, Cotton Bacon Prime by Wick N Vape | WICKING MATERIAL is the perfect choice. This high-quality cotton is designed to maximize the flavor of your e liquid and provide satisfyingly smooth hits that are full of vapor.

Cotton Bacon Prime by Wick N Vape is a high-quality cotton product for your wicking needs. Each batch of cotton is carefully sourced from a United States cotton farm. From there, it’s purified in order to remove impurities and pesticides. The result is clean cotton that’s perfect for vaping.

This cotton can handle high temperatures and long vaping sessions. You’ll find that it absorbs the right amount of e-liquid in order to deliver satisfying hits. Due to how quickly this cotton absorbs e-liquid, you’ll be able to prime it in no time without worrying about dry hits.

Cotton Bacon Prime by Wick N Vape is the very best cotton for DIY vaping. This cotton is specially design to accommodate the most heavy-duty vaping methods. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable.

Key Features:

  • The most cutting edge, cleanest and easy to use Cotton Bacon
  • PERFECT for squonking, tanks and RDAs
  • 33% faster absorption, easier separation
  • 4 inch length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip
  • U.S. Grown dual fiber for optimal wicking and heat resistance.
  • No more break-in. 100% TASTELESS wick.
  • Large fibers for low ohm builds, minimal dry hits.
  • User friendly, resealable travel size package.
  • Net weight: 0.35oz (10g) of cotton wicking material.

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