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The sophisticated induction heating technique used by the IQOS 4.o iLUMA develops a current in the little metal bits inside the IQOS TEREA heatsticks. Due to the tobacco portions being covered inside the TEREA heets sticks and not exposed as previously, the taste is considerably more smooth and even. In addition, the 4.o iLUMA employing TEREA creates no ashes anymore. The heating blade element on the new IQOS 4.0 iLUMA is no longer brittle, making it much simpler to clean. The 4.0 IQOS iLUMA Standard kit and 4.o Prime are the two devices that have been released.The Standard, like the preceding DUO, opens its compartment door from the side, however the 4.o Prime resembles a glasses box, with a squared shape and a more luxurious, exquisite appearance, and is opened from a finely braided cover. The IQOS 4.0 iLUMA is a step forward and a gadget worth investing in. Please note that the 4.o devices are only compatible with the specifically developed TEREA heatsticks and are not compatible with other sticks such as heets. The 4.0 iLUMA devices and TEREA heatsticks are only available in Japan for now. Check out our websites for additional information on the new 4.o devices and heatsticks if you’re thinking about upgrading your IQOS smoking experience.


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