IQOS Originals One HNB Device


  • Brand: iQos
  • Model: iluma One
  • Rechargeable: Yes


The Iqos Originals One, modern tobacco smokers’ best friend, is now in stock at Vape Run Dubai. This cutting-edge gadget was made to revolutionize the way you smoke cigarettes. Iqos Originals One is a technological and aesthetic game-changer. A pleasurable and tasty alternative to smoking cigarettes, without the smoke or ash, is provided by this device. The small and lightweight build guarantees comfort, letting you smoke whenever and wherever you like.

IQOS Originals One Feature:

  • Monolithic Design: The IQOS ORIGINAL ONE boasts a sleek and seamless monolithic design without a holder or charger, unlike other IQOS devices.
  • robust Battery: The IQOS ORIGINAL ONE’s robust battery may last up to 20 sticks without recharging, making it a more enjoyable experience.
  • Fast Charging: The IQOS ORIGINAL ONE charges in 1.5 hours, 30 minutes faster than other IQOS devices, giving you more time to enjoy your sticks.
  • Puff Countdown Indicator: The IQOS ORIGINAL ONE’s indicator light shows the battery level and the remaining use time. After three puffs, the indicator light will show one bar less, indicating when to recharge.

IQOS Originals One Color:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • Slate
  • Turquoise

With the Iqos Originals One, you can break free in ways you never thought possible. This gadget heats tobacco sticks that have been particularly developed to release pleasant nicotine vapor rather than combustion and a persistent stench, much like electronic cigarettes. To satisfy your desire for smoke without compromising your health, try switching to electronic cigarettes.

The Iqos Originals One’s cutting-edge heating technology guarantees a constant and satisfying experience. The battery lasts all day, so you may use the device whenever you need to. The included USB cable makes charging a breeze, so you may enjoy your preferred tobacco blend whenever the mood strikes you.

The Iqos Originals One, currently available at Vape Run Dubai, invites you to join the revolution in tobacco consumption. Discover the future of tobacco use today and upgrade your smoking experience.

What’s included:

  • Charging Cable
  • Power Adaptor

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Red, Silver, Slate, Turquoise